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 1.17 Acre Vacant Lot with Power at Street! Located in Yucca, AZ!

Posted on 18 March 2024

1.17 Acres in Mohave County, AZ starts at $139 per month
(APN: 245-22-244)

Property Information

  • 1.17 Acres in Mohave County, Arizona

  • Desert Shadows Ranchos of AZ Unit 2 Blk Q N2 Lot 15

  • APN: 245-22-244

  • Own for $139 down, $139 per month for 60 months. Total $8,340 or $6,400 cash. Pay off your balance at any time, no early payoff fees!

  • No extra fees, no interest, no credit checks, instant approval!

  • View location on Google Maps

How it Works?

At KPA Land, we believe purchasing land should be simple and transparent. That’s why we have eliminated all the extra fees. No document fees, no hidden fees, and no early payoff fees. You can make your payments conveniently via ACH Bank Draft or by credit card. Plus, you have the flexibility to pay off the property early with no pre-payment penalties!

Step 1: Make the Down Payment

  • Your land-buying journey begins with a simple down payment. Just click the "Click Here to Purchase" button above to get started.

Step 2: Sign the Documents Electronically

  • ​Once you’ve made the down payment, we’ll create the necessary documents and send you an email with a link to sign them electronically. It's quick and easy, allowing you to handle everything from the comfort of your home.

(You will receive the full paperwork via email for your electronic signature within 1-2 business days)

Step 3: Start Using Your Property

  • The best part? You don’t have to wait until the property is fully paid off to start enjoying it. As soon you’ve made your down payment and the paperwork is completed, you’re free to start using your new property right away. Congratulations, that’s it!

Ongoing Ownership and Support

Each month, once your payment is processed, you’ll receive an owner’s statement detailing all the payments you’ve made. This ensures you always have a clear and transparent record of your investment.

Questions? Feel free to text or call us at (832) 674 0150 Monday to Friday 8 AM to 5 PM CST or email us at anytime!

We strive to make the land-buying process as easy and stress-free as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're always here to assist you in taking the first step toward owning your dream property.

No Doc Fees, No Interest, No Credit Checks,
No Extra Fees, 
Instant Approval,
200+ properties sold in 2023!


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Property Description

Own a Slice of Arizona's Desert Paradise!


Introducing a 1.17-acre vacant lot in the serene town of Yucca, Arizona. Perfectly situated near the highway and adorned with power poles on the street, this lot offers the ideal blend of convenience and tranquility.


But there's more to this gem than meets the eye! With Yucca's annual events like the Yoga and Wellness Retreat in Joshua Tree and the Extreme Midget Wrestling, there's never a dull moment. Experience the joy and self-discovery rituals at the Highway Sanctuary, adding a unique charm to the community.


Yucca is also a treasure trove of tourist attractions. Visit Area 66, a specialty museum that fascinates with its unique collections. Take a scenic drive to Sitgreaves Pass or enjoy horseback riding tours at Oatman Stables. Don't forget to stop by the Cool Springs Station, a point of interest that leaves every visitor in awe.


This vacant lot is not just a piece of land; it's an opportunity to be part of a vibrant community and enjoy a lifestyle filled with adventure, serenity, and endless opportunities. Invest today and build your dream home in the heart of Yucca, Arizona!


Your land-buying journey begins with a simple down payment of $139. With a term length of 60 months, you have the flexibility to choose your preferred due date each month for your payments. We aim to make the process of buying your dream property quick, stress-free, and easy.


Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to turn your real estate dreams into reality. To learn more about this fantastic property, call our friendly and helpful team anytime at 1-832-674-0150, or send us an email at, referencing the Property ID: AZ_Mohave_245-22-244.

You can virtually explore the property at this link here!

Property Specifications

Legal Description: Desert Shadows Ranchos of AZ Unit 2 Blk Q N2 Lot 15

The zoning is AR which can built a house with 178 sq ft minimum. Mobile homes are allowed. RVs are allowed 14 days max each occupancy, 30 days total for a year. Camping is allowed but, in an RV, not in a tent. If longer is desired, the RV shall be connected to an approved wastewater disposal system and obtain a special permit.

Access & Proximity

  • The access to the property is via Dirt Road (Anegam Road).

  • The closest paved road is 1.12 miles away from the property. 

  • The closest freeway/highway is 1.12 miles away from the property.

  • Power pole are available in front of the lot.

Money-Back Guarantee

Buyers can get a refund within 30 days if they're not pleased with their land for any reason, or they may opt to exchange their parcel for another one within the same timeframe, no questions asked. 


Nonetheless, it's important to note that the buyer will be accountable for the fees associated with returning the property.

About Mohave County

Mohave County, located in the northwestern corner of the state of Arizona, is a region rich in history, natural beauty, and diverse landscapes. Named after the Mohave Native American tribe, the county spans over 13,000 square miles and is the fifth largest county in the United States by land area. Its vast terrain encompasses desert landscapes, rugged mountains, and the majestic Colorado River.


Mohave County's economy is primarily driven by tourism, mining, agriculture, and manufacturing. The region's mining industry, particularly its production of gold, silver, and other minerals, has played a significant role in its economy for decades.


Agriculture also thrives in Mohave County, with crops such as cotton, alfalfa, and citrus fruits being cultivated in its fertile valleys.


Overall, Mohave County offers residents and visitors alike a unique blend of natural wonders, outdoor adventures, and cultural experiences, making it a truly special destination in the American Southwest.

Wildlife & Recreation

Mohave County, Arizona, offers a captivating blend of wildlife diversity and recreational opportunities, set against the backdrop of its stunning desert vistas, rugged mountains, and meandering waterways.

Mohave County boasts a remarkable array of wildlife species, finely attuned to its arid climate and varied landscapes. Notable inhabitants include, Desert Bighorn Sheep, these majestic creatures roam the county's mountainous terrain, captivating observers with their impressive horns and nimble movements across rocky slopes.


Mule Deer, a common sight throughout the region, mule deer thrive in the desert and mountain habitats of Mohave County, captivating wildlife enthusiasts and serving as prized game for hunters.

Mohave County provides an extensive canvas for outdoor recreation, catering to diverse interests and skill levels. Hiking trails wind through Mohave County's landscapes, beckoning adventurers to explore its desert expanses, mountain peaks, and hidden canyons. Iconic destinations like the Grand Canyon and the Hualapai Mountains offer unforgettable hiking experiences.


Whether in established campgrounds or remote wilderness areas, camping under the starlit skies of Mohave County is a cherished experience. From family-friendly sites to primitive backcountry spots, there's a camping option for every adventurer.

In conclusion, Mohave County offers a captivating tapestry of wildlife wonders and outdoor adventures, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the splendor of the American Southwest. Whether marveling at bighorn sheep on mountain slopes or embarking on thrilling water sports along the Colorado River, Mohave County promises unforgettable experiences for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.


Visiting the Property

You are more than welcome to visit the property. We recommend that you read all the information on the property posting before visiting, and bring the maps and location coordinates provided below. These links can be useful when driving to the property.

Download MapRight 


Explore Property On MapRight


Download Google Maps

Use Google Maps GPS Coordinates (approximate)

Nearby Towns & Cities

  • Kingman, Arizona: Located approximately 30 miles northeast of Yucca, Kingman is the largest city in Mohave County. It serves as a regional hub with shopping centers, restaurants, entertainment venues, and historical attractions such as the Route 66 Museum and the historic downtown district.


  • Lake Havasu City, Arizona: Situated about 60 miles southwest of Yucca, Lake Havasu City is known for its stunning lake views and outdoor recreational opportunities. Visitors can enjoy boating, fishing, hiking, and exploring the iconic London Bridge and its surrounding area.


  • Bullhead City, Arizona: Bullhead City is located approximately 70 miles northwest of Yucca, along the Colorado River. It offers casinos, golf courses, and water-based activities like boating, jet skiing, and fishing. Nearby, the community of Laughlin, Nevada, also offers additional entertainment options.

  • Needles, California: Positioned around 40 miles west of Yucca, Needles is a small city situated along the Colorado River. It provides access to recreational activities such as boating, fishing, and camping. Needles also serves as a gateway to the Mojave National Preserve, offering opportunities for hiking and exploring desert landscapes.

  • Las Vegas, NV - Located approximately 130 miles northwest of Yucca, Las Vegas is a major metropolitan area renowned for its vibrant nightlife, entertainment, and casinos.

Note: Distances are approximate and may vary depending on the exact location within Yucca or the other nearby points of interest.


Nearby Points of Interest

  • Hualapai Mountain Park: Located approximately 40 miles northeast of Yucca, Hualapai Mountain Park offers scenic beauty, hiking trails, picnic areas, and camping facilities amidst a pine and oak forest. Visitors can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, wildlife viewing, and photography.

  • Sara Park: Situated in Lake Havasu City, about 45 miles southwest of Yucca, Sara Park is a recreational area offering hiking trails, playgrounds, sports courts, and picnic areas. It also features the SARA Park Rodeo Grounds, which hosts rodeo events and other equestrian activities.

  • London Bridge: Located in Lake Havasu City, approximately 60 miles southwest of Yucca, the London Bridge is a famous landmark and tourist attraction. Visitors can walk or drive across the bridge and explore the surrounding area, which includes shops, restaurants, and scenic views of Lake Havasu.

  • Mojave National Preserve: Situated approximately 60 miles west of Yucca, the Mojave National Preserve offers vast desert landscapes, rugged mountains, historic sites, and unique geological formations. Visitors can explore hiking trails, scenic drives, and cultural attractions such as the Kelso Depot and the Mitchell Caverns.

  • Colorado River: Yucca is located within driving distance of the Colorado River, which offers opportunities for water-based activities such as boating, fishing, kayaking, and jet skiing. Visitors can access the river at various points along its course, including Lake Havasu City, Bullhead City, and Needles.

Nearby Essential Places

  • Schools:

Yucca Elementary School (Kingman Unified School District): Although there isn't a school specifically named "Yucca Elementary," students from Yucca likely attend elementary schools within the Kingman Unified School District. One such school is Cerbat Elementary School, which serves students from kindergarten through fifth grade and is located in Kingman, approximately 30 miles northeast of Yucca.


White Cliffs Middle School (Kingman Unified School District): White Cliffs Middle School is a middle school serving students in grades six through eight in Kingman, Arizona. It is part of the Kingman Unified School District and is located approximately 30 miles northeast of Yucca.


Kingman High School is a prominent educational institution located in Kingman, Arizona, approximately 30 miles northeast of Yucca. Kingman High School is situated at 4182 N. Bank Street, Kingman, AZ 86409. The campus is conveniently located within the city of Kingman, which serves as a regional hub for Mohave County.


River Valley High School: River Valley High School is another high school option for students in grades nine through twelve. It is located in Mohave Valley, Arizona, about 50 miles southwest of Yucca.


Mohave High School: Mohave High School is a comprehensive high school serving students in grades nine through twelve. It is located in Bullhead City, Arizona, approximately 60 miles northwest of Yucca.

  • Grocery Stores:

Dollar General: Dollar General is a convenient option for groceries and household items. There are Dollar General locations in nearby towns such as Kingman and Lake Havasu City.


Safeway: Safeway is a supermarket chain that offers a wide selection of groceries, including fresh produce, meat, dairy, and pantry staples. There is a Safeway location in Kingman, approximately 30 miles northeast of Yucca. 


Bashas' Supermarket: Bashas' is a regional supermarket chain that offers a selection of groceries, bakery items, deli foods, and more. While there may not be a Bashas' location in Yucca itself, there is a Bashas' store in nearby Kingman.

Walmart Supercenter: Walmart Supercenter offers groceries along with a wide range of other products, including clothing, electronics, and household goods. There is a Walmart Supercenter in Kingman, which provides a one-stop shopping experience for residents of Yucca and surrounding areas.


Smith's Food and Drug: Smith's Food and Drug, a division of Kroger, is another supermarket option serving the area. It provides a variety of grocery items, as well as a pharmacy and other services. The nearest Smith's location is in Kingman.

  • Gas Stations:

Valero Gas Station: Located at 12370 S Frontage Rd, Yucca, AZ 86438, this Valero gas station provides gasoline and diesel fuel options for motorists passing through or residing in Yucca.

Pilot Travel Center: The Pilot Travel Center at 12550 S Frontage Rd, Yucca, AZ 86438, provides gasoline and diesel fuel, as well as a range of convenience store items, food options, and services for travelers.

  • Banks:

Wells Fargo Bank: Located at 3945 Stockton Hill Road, Kingman, AZ 86409, Wells Fargo provides a range of banking services, including personal and business accounts, loans, and investment options.

Bank of America: Bank of America has a branch in Kingman located at 320 E Beale St, Kingman, AZ 86401. They offer various banking services, including checking and savings accounts, loans, and mortgages.

Mohave State Bank: Mohave State Bank has multiple branches in Kingman. One of their branches is situated at 2202 Hualapai Mountain Road, Kingman, AZ 86401. They offer personal and business banking services, loans, and investment solutions.

  • Post Office:

The Yucca Post Office is located in 12475 S Frontage Rd, Yucca, AZ 86438.

  • Hospitals:

Kingman Regional Medical Center (KRMC): This is a hospital located at 3269 Stockton Hill Rd, Kingman, AZ.


Note: Distances are approximate and may vary depending on the exact location within Yucca or the other nearby essential places.


Helpful Resources


Mohave County Website: Mohave County - Government Agency

Mohave Planning and Zoning Department: Mohave County - Residential

Zoning Ordinance: 2016 MASTER 101916.pdf (

Permit Application: Application Packet 10_26_23.pdf (

Development Services Septic and Well Permitting: Mohave County - On-Site Septic Permitting

Utility Providers


Mohave Electric Cooperative


Phone: (928) 763-1100


Mohave County Water Authority


Phone: (928) 763-1108



Vegas Valley Septic Service: Phone: (702) 346-5400

Scotty's Septic Service: Phone: (928) 768-5935



Solar Technologies:


Phone: (480) 256-2117

Titan Solar Power:


Phone: (623) 745-1589

Satellite Internet:



Phone: 1-855-463-9333



Phone: 1-844-779-8932

Contact Information


To see more about our company or our listings, please visit our website at, or check us on social media to read our customer reviews.


For inquiries, please call us at 1-832-674-0150 or email us at


Note: Please note that this vacant land is being sold directly by the owner, and as a buyer, it is your responsibility to perform your own due diligence and research on the property.

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