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 A Beauty of 1.18 Acre Vacant Lot Located in Snowflake, AZ!

Posted on 20 March 2024

Property Information

  • 1.18 Acre in Navajo County, Arizona

  • Lot 141 Ranch Golden Horse #4

  • APN: 403-08-141

  • Own for $139 down, $139 per month for 60 months. Total $8,340.21 or $6,700 cash. Pay off your balance at any time, no early payoff fees!

  • No extra fees, no interest, no credit checks, instant approval!

  • View location on Google Maps

1.18 Acre in Navajo County, AZ starts at $139 per month
(APN: 403-08-141)

No Doc Fees, No Interest, No Credit Checks,
No Extra Fees, 
Instant Approval,
200+ properties sold in 2023!


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How it Works?

At KPA Land, we believe purchasing land should be simple and transparent. That’s why we have eliminated all the extra fees. No document fees, no hidden fees, and no early payoff fees. You can make your payments conveniently via ACH Bank Draft or by credit card. Plus, you have the flexibility to pay off the property early with no pre-payment penalties!

Step 1: Make the Down Payment

  • Your land-buying journey begins with a simple down payment. Just click the "Click Here to Purchase" button above to get started.

Step 2: Sign the Documents Electronically

  • ​Once you’ve made the down payment, we’ll create the necessary documents and send you an email with a link to sign them electronically. It's quick and easy, allowing you to handle everything from the comfort of your home.

(You will receive the full paperwork via email for your electronic signature within 1-2 business days)

Step 3: Start Using Your Property

  • The best part? You don’t have to wait until the property is fully paid off to start enjoying it. As soon you’ve made your down payment and the paperwork is completed, you’re free to start using your new property right away. Congratulations, that’s it!

Ongoing Ownership and Support

Each month, once your payment is processed, you’ll receive an owner’s statement detailing all the payments you’ve made. This ensures you always have a clear and transparent record of your investment.

Questions? Feel free to text or call us at (832) 674 0150 Monday to Friday 8 AM to 5 PM CST or email us at anytime!

We strive to make the land-buying process as easy and stress-free as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're always here to assist you in taking the first step toward owning your dream property.

1.18 Acre Snowflake.png

Property Description

Unwind amidst the serene beauty of Snowflake, AZ, with this expansive 1.18-acre vacant lot, offering a canvas for your dream getaway.

Greet each day with panoramic views of the White Mountains and lush landscapes, inspiring visions of your future home or tranquil retreat.


Conveniently situated near Snowflake's historic downtown, immerse yourself in the town's rich culture, from exploring charming boutiques to savoring local cuisine at cozy eateries. Don't miss the opportunity to delve into the area's heritage with visits to the Snowflake Arizona Temple or leisurely walks through picturesque Heritage Park.


Nature lovers will delight in the abundance of nearby adventures. With access to Sitgreaves National Forest just moments away, you can embark on hiking trails, wildlife encounters, and scenic drives. For aquatic enthusiasts, Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area beckons with opportunities for fishing, boating, and lakeside picnics.


Your land-buying journey begins with a simple down payment of $139. With a term length of 60 months, you have the flexibility to choose your preferred due date each month for your payments. We aim to make the process of buying your dream property quick, stress-free, and easy.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to turn your real estate dreams into reality. To learn more about this fantastic property, call our friendly and helpful team anytime at 1-832-674-0150, or send us an email at, referencing the Property ID: AZ_Navajo_403-08-141.

You can virtually explore the property at this link here!

Property Specifications

Legal Description: Lot 141 Ranch Golden Horse #4

Single family dwellings, accessory bldgs, churches, contractor's yard*, corrals, farms. 

In the designated RU-20 Rural zoning area, site-built homes, modular homes, and tiny homes are permitted, with a minimum size requirement of 174 square feet for each type of dwelling. Additionally, manufactured and mobile homes are allowed within the zoning regulations.

Access & Proximity

  • The access to the property is via Coronado Road (Dirt Road).

  • The closest paved road is 4 miles away from the property. 

  • The closest freeway/highway is 4 miles away from the property.

  • Power poles are available approximately 3 miles away from the property line.

Money-Back Guarantee

Buyers can get a refund within 30 days if they're not pleased with their land for any reason, or they may opt to exchange their parcel for another one within the same timeframe, no questions asked. 


Nonetheless, it's important to note that the buyer will be accountable for the fees associated with returning the property.

About Navajo County

Navajo County is a county located in the northern part of the state of Arizona in the United States. As of the 2020 Census, the population of Navajo County was estimated to be 111,286. The county seat and largest city is Holbrook.


Navajo County is the second-largest county in Arizona by land area, covering approximately 9,959 square miles (25,785 km²). It is home to a diverse range of landscapes, including the Painted Desert, the Mogollon Rim, and the White Mountains. The county also contains parts of several national forests, including the Apache-Sitgreaves, Coconino, and Tonto National Forests.


The Navajo Nation, the largest Native American reservation in the United States, extends into parts of Navajo County, as well as neighboring Apache, Coconino, and McKinley counties in New Mexico. The Navajo Nation is home to over 300,000 people, with about 50,000 of them living in Navajo County. The Navajo Nation has its own government, which operates in parallel with the county and state governments

Wildlife & Recreation

Navajo County is a land of stunning natural beauty and diverse wildlife, offering endless opportunities for outdoor recreation. From the high deserts of the Colorado Plateau to the forests of the White Mountains, Navajo County is home to a wide variety of habitats that provide homes to numerous wildlife species, including elk, deer, antelope, coyotes, and various bird species.

In addition to the incredible wildlife, Navajo County offers a wealth of recreational activities for outdoor enthusiasts. Explore the stunning landscape of the Painted Desert or hike along the Mogollon Rim. Enjoy fishing or boating on the Little Colorado River or Show Low Lake, or head to the nearby ski resorts in the White Mountains for a winter sports adventure.

With several state parks and forests, including the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest and the Tonto National Forest, Navajo County is the perfect destination for hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting. And don't forget to visit the Petrified Forest National Park, where you can enjoy hiking, wildlife viewing, and exploring the unique landscape.

Whether you're a nature lover, an avid hiker, a hunting or fishing enthusiast, or simply looking for an escape into the great outdoors, Navajo County has something for everyone. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to experience the beauty and adventure of one of Arizona's most amazing counties.

Visiting the Property

You are more than welcome to visit the property. We recommend that you read all the information on the property posting before visiting, and bring the maps and location coordinates provided below. These links can be useful when driving to the property.

Download MapRight 


Explore Property On MapRight


Download Google Maps

Use Google Maps GPS Coordinates (approximate)

Nearby Towns & Cities

  • Taylor, AZ - Located about 4 miles southeast of Snowflake, Taylor is a neighboring town with a similar rural atmosphere.

  • Show Low, AZ - Approximately 30 miles northeast of Snowflake, Show Low is a larger city known for its outdoor recreational opportunities, including hiking, fishing, and camping.

  • Holbrook, AZ - About 30 miles east of Snowflake, Holbrook is a historic town along Route 66, featuring attractions like the Wigwam Motel and the Petrified Forest National Park.

  • Heber-Overgaard, AZ - Situated around 35 miles southeast of Snowflake, Heber-Overgaard is a mountain community known for its cool summers and outdoor activities.

  • Winslow, AZ - Located approximately 50 miles southeast of Snowflake, Winslow is famous for its "Standin' on the Corner" park, a tribute to the Eagles song "Take It Easy," and also serves as a gateway to the Petrified Forest National Park.

These are some of the notable towns and cities near Snowflake each offering its own unique character and attractions.


Nearby Points of Interest

  • Snowflake Arizona Temple: A prominent landmark in the area, this temple is a sacred site for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

  • Historic Downtown Snowflake: Explore the charming historic downtown area, which features buildings dating back to the town's founding in the 19th century. Visitors can enjoy shops, restaurants, and local events.

  • Heritage Park: Located in Snowflake, this park offers walking paths, picnic areas, and playgrounds, making it a great spot for outdoor recreation and relaxation.

  • Show Low Historical Society Museum: Just a short drive away in Show Low, this museum showcases the history and culture of the region, including exhibits on Native American heritage, pioneer life, and local artifacts.

  • Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area: About 35 miles northeast of Snowflake in Show Low, this scenic recreation area offers opportunities for camping, fishing, boating, hiking, and wildlife viewing.

  • Petrified Forest National Park: Approximately 50 miles east of Snowflake near Holbrook, this national park is home to one of the largest and most colorful concentrations of petrified wood in the world, as well as ancient petroglyphs and scenic vistas.

  • Homolovi State Park: Located about 35 miles east of Snowflake near Winslow, this state park preserves ancestral Hopi pueblo ruins and offers hiking trails, archaeological sites, and camping facilities.

These are just a few of the nearby points of interest and attractions that visitors to Snowflake can enjoy exploring.

Nearby Essential Places

  • Schools:

Snowflake Unified School District - This district serves the Snowflake area and includes several schools offering education from kindergarten through high school. Some of the schools within the district include Snowflake High School, Snowflake Junior High School, Taylor Intermediate School, and Highland Primary School.

Northland Pioneer College - Located in nearby Show Low, Northland Pioneer College offers a variety of educational programs, including associate degrees, certificates, and workforce training, serving students from Snowflake and surrounding communities.

Snowflake Accelerated Learning Center - This charter school in Snowflake provides alternative education options for students in grades 9-12, focusing on personalized learning and academic acceleration.

White Mountain Institute - Also located in Snowflake, White Mountain Institute is a private school offering educational services to students with special needs, including autism spectrum disorder, developmental delays, and behavioral challenges.

  • Grocery Stores:

Safeway - Located at 201 S Main St in Snowflake, Safeway offers a wide selection of groceries, including fresh produce, meats, dairy products, and household essentials.

Olsen's Grain - This store at 1618 S Main St in Snowflake provides not only groceries but also agricultural supplies, pet food, and livestock feed.

Walmart Supercenter - The Walmart Supercenter at 5401 S White Mountain Rd in Show Low, approximately 17 miles northeast of Snowflake, offers groceries along with a variety of other products, including clothing, electronics, and household items.

Bashas' - Bashas' operates a supermarket at 537 W Deuce of Clubs in Show Low, offering groceries, bakery items, deli foods, and more.

Fry's Food and Drug - Located at 560 W Deuce of Clubs in Show Low, Fry's Food and Drug is another option for groceries and household goods.

  • Gas Stations:

Shell - Located at 95 N Main St in Snowflake, this Shell gas station offers fuel as well as convenience store items.

Chevron - Another option in Snowflake is the Chevron station at 455 S Main St, providing fuel and convenience items.

Circle K - There are several Circle K locations in the Snowflake area, including one at 101 W Main St and another at 731 S Main St, offering fuel, snacks, and beverages.

  • Banks:

National Bank of Arizona - Located at 455 S Main St in Snowflake, National Bank of Arizona offers personal and business banking services, including checking and savings accounts, loans, and investment products.

Wells Fargo Bank - There's a Wells Fargo branch at 1100 S Main St in Snowflake, providing a range of banking services, including checking and savings accounts, mortgages, and wealth management.

Bank of America - Another option is Bank of America, with a branch located at 200 N Main St in Snowflake, offering banking services such as checking and savings accounts, loans, and investment products.

  • Hospitals:

Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center - Located at 2200 E Show Low Lake Rd in Show Low, approximately 18 miles northeast of Snowflake, Summit Healthcare is a regional medical center offering a wide range of services, including emergency care, surgery, imaging, and specialty clinics.

White Mountain Regional Medical Center - Situated at 118 S Mountain Ave in Springerville, about 60 miles east of Snowflake, White Mountain Regional Medical Center provides healthcare services to residents in the eastern part of the region, including emergency care, surgery, and specialty clinics.

Little Colorado Medical Center - This hospital at 1501 N Williamson Ave in Winslow, approximately 36 miles southeast of Snowflake, offers emergency care, inpatient services, and outpatient clinics to residents in the Winslow area.

Note: Distances are approximate and may vary depending on the exact location within Snowflake or the other nearby essential places.


Helpful Resources


Navajo County: (928) 524-4086; Website:

Navajo Planning and Zoning Department: (928)-524-4100;

Zoning Ordinance:


Permit Applications:

Utility Providers


  • Water: (Snowflake Town Public Works Office: 928-536-7103)

  • Well: Copperstate Drilling & Supply Inc: (928) 536-4447

  • Willis Drilling & Pump: (928) 536-4414)

  • Water Haul: Sparkletts Water Delivery Service 2945: 800-492-8377).


  •  MP Electric Contracting & Service Company LLC: 928-205-9631



  • Solar Solution AZ


Phone: 480-500-8475

Satellite Internet:

  • HughesNet


Phone: 1-844-779-8932


​Frontier Communications:


Phone: (800) 921-8101

Contact Information


To see more about our company or our listings, please visit our website at, or check us on social media to read our customer reviews.


For inquiries, please call us at 1-832-674-0150 or email us at


Note: Please note that this vacant land is being sold directly by the owner, and as a buyer, it is your responsibility to perform your own due diligence and research on the property.

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